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“Dancing will Change your life!”

Never say “no” to a dance invitation again! Enjoy parties and social events. Rekindle your passion or meet someone new.

You pick the dances that suit your style. Nataraja Danza is always on time and on budget for you! Learn to dance Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo, Hustle, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and more!

Become the Dancer you Always Wanted to be!

At Nataraja Danza we believe in personalized dance instruction...made simple! Dance confidently at weddings, parties, and social events, without spending a fortune. We work with each client to obtain their individual dance goals, personalized wedding choreography, or their own personal dance journey. We have been trusted by many wedding couples across Long Island, individuals wanting to learn dancing, and restaurants for teaching their customers at special events!

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About Us

Michelle fell in love with dance at 8 years old and has not stopped dancing ever since. She believes in the power of dance to build confidence, increase happiness, and better relationships. Michelle has over 17 years of teaching experience with 10 years as a professional dancer and performer in the ballroom, commercial dance, and theatre industry. Dance is not only her work, it is her life’s passion.

Who is Nataraja?

Find out why this name is so important to our studio!


Michelle is a talented dancer and an inspiring instructor. My husband and I had the pleasure of having her teach us various styles of ballroom dance. Her upbeat personality and passion for dancing is evident during her lessons. She encouraged us to challenge ourselves, was patient while we learned, and most of all she knows how to make dancing fun—all things you would expect from a good teacher. There is no question that you will have a great time dancing with Michelle! We would highly recommend her to any student looking for a dedicated, motivational, and gifted ballroom dance instructor.

-Jennifer & Guillermo

My husband and I were first introduced to Michelle at a dance facility that was in the town I grew up in. How lucky we were to be put onto her schedule! My husband had no dance experience whatsoever and I hadn't done any dance in years. I wanted to do a routine for my wedding that wouldn't be corny or over the top. Michelle knew right away what I wanted and she was creative, patient and an amazing teacher!!! I was so proud of our dance and I love looking back remembering how much fun it was to learn.

-Rob and Katie

My husband and I came to Michelle looking to learn a special dance for our wedding. She was so sweet and kind and spent so much of her time teaching us this dance. She was so patient with us and each lesson we had felt like we had improved. In the end our dance looked amazing and we would never of been able to do it without her. She was so great and would recommend her to anyone.

-Jennifer and Christopher

My husband and I wanted to do something special for our first dance at our upcoming wedding. We realized we had absolutely no rhythm. We began to take classes with Michelle and quickly realized that she was making miracles happen. Michelle not only introduced to us the basics of dance, but choreographed the beginning of our first dance. This choreography was not easy and very challenging, but with her help and her guidance we were able to succeed. Michelle created a comfortable environment and we knew that her goal was to make our wedding day very special. My husband and I are very different learners and she was able to differentiate instruction to cater the needs of both of us. In addition, we were having such a wonderful time dancing, that after the choreography was finished we decided to take more lessons on different types of dance so that we could continue to enjoy or wedding. Our wedding day was a huge success and people were impressed with our moves.

-Yasaman and Damian

I have been dancing for years before I met Michelle. After one lesson with Michelle it was so easy to see how accomplished she is. After dancing with Michelle the corrections that were shown to me were amazingly helpful. If you are experienced or a beginner Michelle will step up your game. Whether you are doing a showcase or learning a wedding dance Michelle will make a real dancer out of you.


Thanks so much for your talent, patience, inspiration, motivation, and confidence in two “left footed” people!


Your creativity, kindness, and patience is unreal. There are really not enough ways that I can say thank you. Not only were we amazed by the final product, but the entire process you were fantastic. I gave you a very vague idea of what I wanted, but you made it so much more than I ever thought it could be. The amount of time I was able to spend with my Dad is more than I have spent in over 15 years. That time and those memories will forever be so special to me. Thank you so very very much. You are truly a superstar!


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Dancing Tips!

If you’re nervous about dancing, follow these simple tips to help you succeed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need dance experience?

No!  We cater to our clients’ needs from very beginner to competitive levels.

Do I need a dance partner?

No!  You can bring yourself or someone else to your lessons.

What should I bring?

A change of shoes to dance in, comfortable clothes, and a notebook to remember your steps.

I don’t know what dances I want to learn.  Can you help?

No worries!  We offer many different dances.  We will introduce you to each one and you can decide what you want to continue with.  You can also tell us your favorite song and we can tell you what dance it is.

Can you teach at my event?

Yes!  You can hire us to teach a fun lesson for your next birthday, anniversary, or family party.

When is payment due?

Payment is due before the lesson starts.

Can I buy more than 1 lesson at a time?

Yes!  We offer paid in full packages of 10 or 20 lessons at a discounted rate.  There are no refunds or exchanges on packages.

I’m getting married.  Can you choreograph our first dance?

Of course!  We recommend starting your lessons 3-6 months in advance, depending on what you are looking for.

How can I pay for my lessons?

Single lessons are cash only.  Packages can be cash, credit card, or check.

How long before I am a good dancer?

Dancing is an investment in yourself.  We recommend 1 lesson per week to really see improvement.  Taking at least 6 months worth of lessons will get you comfortable on the floor learning the basic elements of dance.